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The Burning Fingers of Bass Playing...


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No, its not a band. No, its not an organization. Its your fingers.

My left-hand index finger hurts right now, but it is in good style.

It's from playing a lot.

My question to you is: 1.Have your fingers ever hurt from playing too much(most everyone will be a "yes.")

2.Which finger/fingers and why?

3.Has it prevented you in any way to do your duty in a situation?




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I got sore fingers when I first began gigging of upright. With the heavier strings and different contact areas, your fingers have to become caulused and adjust. For the first weekend of upright gigs, I started with one set, then moved it up to 2 and so forth until I could play a whole night on the big bass. I haven't been playing much lately (sad, I know) and I have noticed my fingers are more sensative, guess I get to do it all over again :D:rolleyes:


Grit your teeth until you get a blister, then give that finger a break (use others or don't play). And for God's sake, DON"T PLAY UNTIL YOUR FINGERS BLEED! It is not cool and does not make you some hard-core player. All it does is give you pain, damage your fingers, and get get your bass all bloody and gross.

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