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In praise of wanking guitars....


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Not to state the obvious or anything...


But I just watched this band you may have heard of...Rolling Stones? Live on HBO from New York.


And I really realized just how much of the Stones sound is 2 guys, Ron Woods and Keith Richards, each trying to out-wank each other song after song.


And Mick wanks out on the stage at the same time.


In the new BP, Darryl Jones describes his gig with the Stones...and talks about how "easy-going" they are about his playing...he is able to leave, to a certain extent, Bill Wyman's lines a bit, and make them his own. He does this with amazing taste live...you never know the bass player is not the original guy, but (because he's Darryl Jones) he can suddenly hold up to the guitar wanks...and occasionally wank a bit himself. And absolutely profound display of professionalism, and a clinic on how to hold a gig!!!!!


It all adds up to an amazing package of "grandpa-aged" men rocking convincingly...and at least Charlie Watts is honest enough NOT to dye his hair! (By the way...praise to him to!)

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You're right about one thing: They're all wankers. :D


Seriously, I've never been a fan of the RS...Mick just screams too much for me, much like Janis Joplin (as much of a goddess as she was, she still screamed a whole lot). But I do have several favorites from both...namingly "Under my Thumb", which sounds quite like Van Morrison for some reason. "Paint it Black" and a few others are decent to listen to sometimes, but the unusual amount of wanking led me astray.


As for the new bassist, I, like you said, can't tell the difference. I knew Wyman left and formed the Rhythm Kings, but the two sounds convincingly the same. I've never seen either live, or televised live, so I wouldn't know the difference anyway. But yes, they are wankers. But some wankers I like: SRV, Jimi, Clapton, Wooten, etc., etc., etc.

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Uhh, what's going on here! Who'd have thought a thread about wanking guitar players would have got such little response.....Ohh it's a praise thread ;)


I hate solo's in general, but some guitar players deserve credit.


CupMcMali...this monkey's gone to heaven :freak:

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I'm probably going to offend a few people with this statement, but hey, it's my opinion: "The Rolling Stones bite" I've never understood why they are/were so insanely popular. There are about two Stones songs that I really dig, "Paint it Black" and "Sympathy for the Devil", other than that... take it or leave it.


If Keef were a bass player, would he still do that silly shoulder shrugging manuever that he does when he plays? You know the one.. it's usually accompanied with an upstroke of a chord. :D

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Normally a "wanker guitar" thread would attract attention. But the Stones aren't wankers...


I haven't seen them (live, or video, or whatever), so I can't comment on their shows. Like dbb, friends that have seen them are always impressed. Gig magazines' Jimmy Leslie had a review recently and it seems those guys still know how to play, and still know how to put on a show. My problem is that I haven't enjoyed much of their new music for the past 20+ years (which doesn't seem to be an issue since their setlist leans heavily on the earlier stuff). I love the '67-'75 material myself (including Their Satanic Majesty's Request - go dig it up and listen to Citadel).




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It was all over for the Stones (musically) when they recorded Some Girls. Before that they were the greatest rock and roll band in the world. After that...they completely and uncategorically sucked!!!


Compare a masterpiece like 'Exile on Mainstreet' to anything from Some Girls onward, and how badly they suck should be self-evident.

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