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Behringer BX DI out?


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Got me a BehringerBX1200 combo and tried to connect it to the PA throug it´s balanced DI-out. It didn´t work that well, the signal was far too heavy for my small mixer, impossible to adjust.

Has anyone tried this combos DI-out? Does it work allright or is there someting wrong with mine?


Should I just use a separate DI box as before?

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You've come up against a common problem - basically there are three different signal levels encountered with audio systems: mic level, semi-pro line level and pro line-level. A DI should theoretically send mic-level signal to the board, however many send line-level signal thus cutting down the amount of gain needed at the mixer (and hence the noise).


IIRC, semi-pro line-level is -10dBu whilst pro line-level is +4dBu. My guess is that your bass amp is putting out +4dBu signal (just like my el-cheapo Peavey Sessionbass head did) but the mixer it's going into overloads with much more than -10dBu input. You could buy a signal attenuator to go in line with your DI lead, or just use a separate DI box.



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