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C'mon Baby Drive South

Chad Thorne

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After years of discussion my wife and I are relocating to the Tampa Bay area. I'm leaving here on Jan. 25 and my wife will join me later. I'd love to hear from Lowdowners in the area! I'll be looking for jams, etc., to start getting plugged into the local music scene. I also do instrument set-up/repair so if you know anybody who needs it I'd appreciate a referral. Reach me at cft353@yahoo.com or 207-240-7205.


BTW, check out my buddy Bob's new website, www.bluesbass.com. It's great and he also says nice things about me!



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Congratulations - there is plenty of music to keep you very busy in the state of Florida.

The bars have built in crowds so its not unusual to get a steady 5/6 night per week schedule going and paid a decent wage.


It should not take you long to setup shop and build up your network of musicians.

My brother works very steady in Ft Lauderdale. I have been down there and have always worked.

Good Luck to you and keep us posted.


BTW C'mon Baby Drive South is a great tune...... who is the vocalist??



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