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Have Nemesis Need Expansion


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I have a Nemesis NC-115 combo and I would like to add a 2x10 expansion cabinet. But first I need to answer two questions.

1- The amp is 225 Watts @ 4 ohms and the external speaker jack is wired in series (according to Eden). So, it seems that any impedance cabinet that I add will decrease the wattage. So, (again) should I re-wire the speaker jack to place the external cabinet in parallel so that I get full wattage? Has anyone done this? Or even added an external cabinet to a Nemesis 115?

2- The 2x10. Im considering the Eden 210T & 210XLT, an Aguilar GS210, and a Genz Benz LS210T. May also consider a Trace or EA or Ampeg 2x10. Has anyone paired any of these with this Nemesis?

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