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Amp to jam with....


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any of you have a bass amp you can run your CD into and slam on a set of headphones and jam along with, I'm trying not to disturb the household to much? I want to get an amp next week and the only brand I found that will do that is Behringer. Any other ideas out there?





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Ampeg has some combos that do this (maybe the BA112, BA115, etc.?). The SWR LA series might also have a CD line-in jack. Try some other manufacturers' websites, I really think that several have practice combo amps with this capability.



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Sure. The Gallien Krueger MBE 150E has a dedicated circuit for just this purpose. It's a great amp...I use mine all the time...a lot of GK power in a tiny package...about 24 lbs.


Of course, the $900 price tag is a chore..but get one used.


If you want to spend less...the Korg Pandora's Box for bass does this. The PX4B is over $200...but has built in rhythms, phrase trainer that will record a phrase, slow it down to learn it. It also lets you run a cd through and cancel the cd bass...so you can supply your own.


If you look around, you may find the older version, the px3b on closeout. I does about the same thing, has a few less drums, not as many knobs.


In addition, the pandora also chains 7 effect boxes together, allowing you to alter the parameters and run them simultaneously...chorus, delay, envelop filter, noise reduction, phasing...reverb, distortion, octaving and stuff like that. It's a blast to play with...I run the batteries down nearly every session.

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I use a Korg Pandora PX-3 with my guitar... it is awesome. Definitely worth the money. I plan to pick up the PX-4B as soon as I can... (priorities, you know)

If you already have a good amp, I'd recommend the PX-4B or -3B, and then when you want to play without the headphones, you have a multitude of effects, drums, and you can still run your CD player through it for a 1 man jam session!


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