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what excatly is a pre-amp for?


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Somebody correct me if I'm wrong, but they first of all, elevate the small signal from a bass to a signal that has enough power(line level output) to go to an amplifier. Secondly, they allow you to 'colour' your sound..adjust the bass, mid and treble, probably more, like a graphic EQ and they also sometimes will offer dynamic control like compression or expansion.

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A preamp, speaking generically, is a device or stage that amplifies instrument level inputs to a higher line level in order to drive a power amp.


Integrated bass "heads" have a preamplifier within them-- that's the input volume controls and often the Bass, Treble, etc., EQ section, that you adjust to meet your needs. It feeds the power amp section within the head.


Then there are dedicated bass preamps that are designed to be part of a system-- they are designed to drive a power amp.


There are other preamps, such as "outboard preamps" which are boxes designed to take an instrument input and apply equalization or perhaps some effects or tone modifications- however, most of them are designed to produce a moderate output level to plug into a bass head, not really intended to have the output level sufficient to drive most power amps, though some can, of course.


Then there are onboard bass preamps, small devices that are installed inside a bass. These are designed to enhance performance due to their proximity to the pickups, and to offer active equalization at the bass. These are also not designed to drive a power amp, but to plug into a modular or integrated bass head.


There are more types, but this is a general overview of "preamps" -- I hope all these answers addressed your specific question.

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