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Transducer (ribbon) pick-ups


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I have built my own electric upright and have installed the transducer pickup under the bridge.


Would anyone have an idea on the perfect installation method with regards to the pressure on the pickup? My tone seems a bit "squashed."



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This, of course, is one of the design difficulties of Electric/Acoustic instruments and contact pickups.


The short answer is: It depends. Not trying to be coy, but the sound you get will vary greatly depending on ... the pickup, the instrument, the bridge, the amp, etc. So the best you can do is experiment.


FWIW, I find that most contact (i.e. piezo/ribbon) pickups sound a little "squashed" - a decent "acoustic" box (Trace Elliott made an Acoustic preamp, as does Yamaha, etc.) plus a touch of EQd reverb can round out and make more "live" a squashed sound.

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