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Output on bass and other thangs


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Please read this thread




To get up to speed on me and bumps disscusion.


Mainly the output on my bass isnt enough to get a good signal with the ashdown preamp. Im using 2 bill lawrence j-45s.


Is there anything I can do.. I was thinking of raising the pickups a tad and seeing if that helps... what will that do with the tone and freq response? Is there some sorta mod I can put in the bass (like a cap or resistor) to raise the output. Also Greenboy, you said something about the cap on the tone control can be changed... what about that?


Anywho Thanks for you continued help and understanding with lamo Qs from me



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It probibly is my pickup height. My e and g is 1/4 inch away with the a and d being somewhere along 1/8 to 1/6 of an inch on the neck. (the pole peices are radiuses) And the bridge is the same... perhaps that is it?


That really irks me... I took my bass into a shop to get it setup and the intonation was WAY off (by a 1/4 step) and now I gotta adjust the pickups! at least they did a nice job of oiling my fretboard.. sheesh



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