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Jacked Up


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I've had this Ibanez Soundgear bass for 4 years now and the input jack is all messed up. I have to run the cord through my strap and pull it up so it doesn't crackle and pop (rice crispies?). If I just plug the cord straight in without the strap trick, it just falls out. So, I'm lookin' into getting a new one (input jack), how much is this and how easy is it to do-it-myself?

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The jack can run anywhere from $4.00-$12.00 depending on the brand. I recommend Switchcraft. Also, is the bass active or passive? This will determine if you need a stereo or mono jack. As far as "do it yourself" it's 2-3 connections (stereo/mono) that you can do yourself with a little solder and a soldering iron.
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Originally posted by Bastid E:

it might not even be the jack, just a bad connection. before you gout and buy a new jack, try just re-soldering the connections to it. if that doesn't fix the problem, yeah go buy a new jack.

I don't know, if the cord is just falling out it sounds like the contact has gotten bent. I'd probably just replace it.



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