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Totally bass free post, so if it disappears without a trace I understand. However if it disappears without a trace because no one apprecites her music....Well I won't understand!!


I've just bought her best of (I usually hate best of's but this is an exception) And WOWWW It's amazing, I mean I've heard her stuff on the radio, but now I'm an absolute fan. I'm going to investigate further. Everything about the music and her voice and mad phrasing is just fantastic.


Go check it out, or if any one can point me in the best direction on her stuff I'd really appreciate it.


The tracks on the best of are; 1. All is full of love. 2. Hyperballad. 3. Human Behaviour. 4. Foga. 5. Bachelorette. 6. Army of me. 7. Pagan poetry. 8. Big time sensuality. 9. Venus as a boy. 10. Hunter. 11. Hidden place. 12. Isobel. 13. Possibly maybe. 14. Play dead. 15. It's in our hands.


Pagan poetry or Big time sensuality are my fav's at the moment, but this will probably change as I discover the rest.


Everyone should try and check her out....it's FAB


CupMcMali...this monkey's gone to Iceland :freak:

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Yeah The Jesus, I just forwarded the disc to hear what you're talking about. Really neat drums !!


DeanMass, it's just a C.D in quite basic packaging, no jewel casing just a very tasteful cardboard sleeve.


JPM11 I can't really make out all she sings either, but I think her voice is beyond that, it's her phrasing and the whole feel of the music that gets me.


And damn, she's really gorgeous too!! It's enough to make you sick ;)


I've heard the Sugarcubes mentioned in articles but have never heard them, I get from the magazines etc that they were a lot more "Punky" than a lot of Bjork's more recent, dancy stuff.

Is that true, and/or, what L.P of theirs would you reccomend??


Thanks. CupMcMali...Iceland, where else? :freak:

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Originally posted by jeremyc:

to my ears, Bjork can't sing at all.


no pitch, no enunciation.


but singers are irrelevant. we're here to talk about the bass. I hope her bass player can play. I would assume that since she is a big star that she would hire top musicians.

You got that right. World class players from just about everywhere.
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I've got one SugarCubes, and heard stuff off a couple of others. I wouldn't call it punky by yesterday's or today's standards. I listen to it sometimes. I think she has an interesting approach, and the band is cool enough; fairly sophisticated writing and playing. I've heard her newer stuff, and saw a rather unconventional musical [film] that she starred in.


She isn't afraid to do it HER WAY. Props for that.

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I think she is awsome. The climax of pagan poetry gives me chills everytime!


It doesn't matter that she isn't a "good" singer... I mean as far as pitch and enunciation goes... she is way past that. She makes you feel something!! And that is what music is about.


Otherwise everyone would be the same!



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Don't sweat it. The way I see it this a musician's forum that just focuses on bass s***. I love bass, but there are many different types of music that kick some serious bootay and don't even use it.


As for Bjork...


Definitely see "Dancer in the Dark". I think she won he best actress award at the Cannes Film Festival. It made me cry. She's definetly not your average pop star "exploring" their dramatic side.


I paritcularly like her "Homogenic" album. It's sounds very grown up, very grand, especially "Joga".


I'm glad to see y'all are interested in her music. :thu:

Does it hurt?


Only when I'm awake.

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Bjork... she's strange, beautiful, talented and bizarre. She's got a really interesting melodic sensiblity, and she seems addicted to heavy grooves.


I must admit, I didn't "get" The Sugarcubes at first -- they seemed so intentionally odd and... ummm.. pretentiously "European" to me -- but I've grown to appreciate them in the last few years. Now I see them as an Icelandic version of The B-52s.


For The Sugarcubes, check out Life's Too Good. Very nice rhythm section.


For Bjork, check out her first solo album, Debut.


BTW, the synth bass groove on "Human Behavior" makes me wiggle my butt. Allow me to demonstrate...



"To fight and conquer in all your battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists of breaking the enemy's resistance without fighting."

--Sun Tzu

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She's certainly not a trained voice, but she's nevertheless one of my favorite artists. Like Peter Gabriel, she's content to ignore tradition and comes up with some truly innovative "pop" music.


The thing I like most about her is the crazy sense of instrumentation. She puts timpani in place of the bass, accordion with horn section, and actually uses the "unusable" patches on the synths.


I want her to do the next Bond theme.

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Yeah she seems to be unconventional...not as a two fingered salute to the norm (who ever he is ;) But because that's the way her music drags/leads her. I really can't stop playing this C.D!! I'll definitely get more of her albums...and Christmas is just around the corner :D:D:D


CupMcMali...this monkey's gone to Iceland :freak:

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