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Bass Design


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So what do you do if you come up with a marketable NEW bass design.


1) You register it and sell the design to manufacturers?


2) You shop it to mom & pop custom shops?


3) You fork up the cash to do it yourself?

"Word to your mother"
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fork up the cash and do it yourself. then get mom and pop music shops to help you sell it. eventually if they sell well there you can move up and sell them at larger stores once you have a sales track record. if you can't get a regular music shops to sell them, try consignment shops.
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Originally posted by robb.:

most assuredly do it yourself first.


there is no proven value in your idea, so even if a larger company was interested in its potential, they would not pay very much for it.



And then once your idea blows up and starts selling, the company will tell you to get out of town, that the idea was theirs in the first place. You might get a few bucks, but not much.
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