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Neck Defect :(


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Howdy all,


Just looking for some knowledgeable responses to a neck defect. Not being able to see it does pose a problem, i realize, but i'll describe it as best i can.


Its right on the wood grain, right where the growth lines are, i looks like its separating.


Has anyone had this happen before? is it repairable or do i need to replace the neck?


Thanks in advance!

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More info:


What kind of wood, how old is the bass, how long have you noticed this, is it currently moving (changing), has the action changed, what kind of bass (more expensive basses use better wood.


I have a tech friend who tells me the wood they use on cheap instruments these days is so green he expects to come in some morning and see a leafy branch sprouting out of the headstock.


My suspicion is that the separation following a grain line is probably just coincidence. I suspect that it's a truss rod problem, and I further expect that the best solution would be a new neck.

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Its a 2002 Ernie Ball Music Man Stingray. The neck is maple with with rosewood fretboard.


Its brand new, and the defect wasn't present in the store, seems with use that separation is occuring.


It seems to slowly be getting worse, i wish i had away to measure it.


My tuning/intonation hasn't moved much, but it has slightly.


I fear i'll have to send it off too California for repairs.

Check out my work in progress.
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what do you mean by "separating?" the fretboard pulling away from the neck? is the maple of the neck itself actually splitting? it sounds like you're describing a check (crack along the grain) in the lumber, but once that stuff if dried and finished checks no longer occur. if it's the fingerboard pulling away drom the neck, i'm sure that can be repaired. if it's a check, the whole neck needs replacing as it's just going to keep pulling further open. at any rate, if this is a recent purchase then it shouldn't be a problem.
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