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SPINAL TAP!!!!!!!!


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This isn't really a problem, I just wanna know if you've seen the movie Spinal Tap. If you have, let's talk about it. Isn't this like the funniest "mockumentary" or any music movie you've ever seen? Well It was for me. If you haven't seen it, go see it! You won't regret it.(If you do regret seeing it, then you can say that here, too, but just explain why you didn't like it.)


JDL-GO SPINAL TAP!!!!! :eek::D:freak::thu:

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Saw it in Portland about twenty gazillion years ago. Hey, about nine years ago I got the "Break Like The Wind" album too ; } ...Funny thing is, the bombastic music they are parodying usually doesn't sound half as good as their satire versions do.
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If you really like the movie, check out the DVD. It's got about an hour of footage that they didn't use in the theater release, including this really great interview with Billy Crystal (mime catering ). The audio commentary track is funny too. Really worth it. :thu:
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Best movie ever.


Every time I see it, I notice something I hadn't noticed before. The humor cuts through so many different levels of the music industry. It's just brilliant.



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Originally posted by Hank The Cave Peanut:

I like Spinal Tap, but Waiting For Guffman (featuring many of the same actors from Spinal Tap) is even better. ESPECIALLY if you've ever had ANYTHING to do with a local community theater/high school production/etc...

I don't know if one or the other of these movies, by this same group of folks, is necessarily better or worse than the others (you can throw "Best in Show" into the discussion as well!). "Guffman" certainly kicked arse, as did "Best in Show," but my enjoyment of these movies was partially a result of my previous enjoyment of "Spinal Tap" -- that is, I loved seeing many of the same actors taking on a different subject in mockumentary fashion and still making me piss my pants laughing.



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(As cornbread's signature, just the elongated version): After the guiatrist played a song, nice and easy on the piano:"Oh, that's a nice song." Guitarist:"Oh, yeah, it is a romantic soft ballad." "Oh, what do you call it" G:"Lick my Love Pump." (Hey, don't correct me! I don't have the movie, that's from memory alone!) I haven't seen the other movies that you said, but are they like Spinal Tap?


JDL :freak:

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On BREAK LIKE THE WIND, Spinal Tap is:


David St Hubbins (Michael McKean) - guitar, vocals

Nigel Tufnel (Chrisopher Guest) - lead guitar, vocals

Derek Smalls (Harry Shearer - there's the Simpsons connection) - bass, vocals

Caucasian Jeffrey Vanston - keys

Mick Shrimpton - drums


Guest guitarists are Dweezil Zappa, Steve Lukather, Slash, Joe Satriani, Jeff Beck, and Waddy Watchel. That goes a long way in explaining why their gleefully absurd genre tunes sound better than 90% of the bombastic bands they parody. And then there's the twisted cliches that are delivered with such aplomb by the vocalists...

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Hank, add Dill Scallion to your list of movies that have applied the Tap formula to a different style; this one being country. Freakin' hilarious. Here's a jiucy snippet to wet your appetite:


"That was a great take, Dill, but I think ya got one better in ya. Let's do it again jsut to make sure we got it."


"I ain't doin' it again. Just throw some of that reverb crap on it; it'll be fine."


Deffinately worth a renting.



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Spinal Tap is only funny if you are a musician. Or stoned. Or, a stoned musician... :D I tried watching with a non musician, and they didn't get half of it, so we abandoned it, and moved on to Monty Python... "...He must be a King." "Why? How can you tell?" "...because,he's not covered in shite!" :thu: DOING! "Bring out yer dead!"

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... But I repeat myself."

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I confess that I've only seen it once. It was about 10 years ago, and it didn't do much for me.


The only part I got a kick out of was the part about spontaneous combustion. Guess I'll have to rent it and try again.




Acoustic Color


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ya gotta love "Big Bottoms" multi-bass, very

cool in a kitsch way !

of all my favorite parts, the one that kills me everytime is when they're at Graceland supposedly

somber moment at Elvis's grave they start singing

in his honor - only to start arguing about the

vocals, totally blowing the moment ! my non-band member friends and family just don't understand the same humor! LOL !

any other favorite parts ????/

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Spinal Tap is a brilliant film. The DVD special edition is worth buying, even if you already own the movie. The extra footage that they shot and never used is just as good as the stuff that made the movie.


I definately have to chime in about 'Fear of a Black Hat'. This movie is hysterical, 100 times better than CB4 ever hoped to be (and I liked CB4). Because when you take that bus... you get there. :D




Spinal Tap DVD menu intro:


Derek: "Oooo, black"

David: "Always a good choice"

Nigel: "It's like space, without the stars isn't it?"

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Has anyone seen "THE GIG"? Very Obscure, not a satire, more a dark comedy. Stars Wayne Rogers and Features bass parts ghosted by Milt Hinton :thu: This is the most realistic movie EVER about the music business. Try and find it in a well-stocked rental place.
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