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New Strings??????

Bert M

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I have a mexican fender precision bass. The original strings were a perfect lengeth away from the fretboard. I put some new ernie ball slinkys on and now they are far from the fretboard, which makes it more difficult to play. I know you can mess with bridge, but i dont think thats the porb because the old stings were fine. Is there a special way to string them??? What can i do to make them closer to the fretboard.


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I know there was a post about the proper stringing techniques a few weeks ago. Try looking at that thread because Tom (I believe) linked an article that showed the proper ways and included pictures. That could help. Also, are the strings a heavier gauge? If so, you may need to adjust the truss rod. After I made sure I had it strung properly I'd take it to a repair shop to adjust the neck.
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