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Death of Gov't Mule Bassist: CNN Article


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Originally posted by Idnarb:

Check out this article on how Gov't Mule filled the void of their recently deceased bassists with a "whose who" of big names.


Great to know the community is so giving.



For anyone who hasn't heard either of the two cd's the remaining members made... they're great imho.


Warren Haynes has long been a favorite of mine, but perhaps because of the pain of losing his close friend, the songs just seem to have a certain angst, a passion, much like the Allman Bros. "Eat a Peach" did after the death of Duane Allman.


Highly recommended!



I'm still "guitplayer"!

Check out my music if you like...



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I like the Deep End discs, too, and just got the "Rising Low" DVD in the mail yesterday.


You will especially like the DVD if you are a Phish and/or Mike Gordon fan. The movie, which he made, seems to be as much about himself as about all the other bass players combined. The scenes are mostly short with just snippets of songs, interviews, and Alan Woody footage. It does start out with maybe half of "Soulshine" - Willie Weeks's melodic sense is amazing.

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