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bergantino and 1x12s.


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i can't believe i almost forgot to post about playing through a bergantino HT112.


what a phenomenal masterpiece of a cabinet. i played a musicman sterling through an eden amp through the 112. it was so clear, clean, thick, huge, coherent, and everything that has eluded me playing through ampeg, swr, and eden cabinets. i even had a chance to play the bergantino 3x10, but it wasn't nearly as good a cabinet. it had a hollowness to it that the single driver of the 112 didn't. wow, what a great cabinet.


the people i talked to at the music store said that jim bergantino designed the aguilar cabinets for them. if that is true, i may have to buy a bergantino cabinet out of principle, though it is a lot more expensive than the aguilar. i would like to play the GS112; it did win top tone over the bergantino, after all.


also, the experience further confirmed my distaste for eden amplification. i don't know what it is about eden, but it's so not what i want my bass to sound like. of course it's purely a matter of preference, so i don't want it to be thought by eden users everywhere to feel attacked. i have had so much fun playing the same bass through warwick and ampeg amplification.


it was strange because i know that bass very well, and i've played that amp before, but through a different cabinet. it was obvious how good that bergantino was -- easily the best cab through which i've ever played. i'm still impressed, over a week later.


i think i may have my super-rig assembled in my mind. how cool is that?



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Well, the Aguilar price looks a little more digestable... I remember when the BP review made a couple of forums. A few people went out on bought them based on what they had read. One guy I whose experience and sensibilities I especially trusted took his back after a weekend, commenting along these lines: "Sure, it sounded good. But if I played the B string with any authority the Aguilar sounded like it had been eating bad burritos for about a week..."


So maybe that Bergie isn't quite the same thing ; }


Hopefully in a couple weeks I am going to be designing a 112/horn cab for a friend (he's going to do the cabinetry - the part I don't especially enjoy). Other than the crossover, this should be a straightforward project, should be easy to make it sound good - it's only a two-way, after all, with only a single woofer.


I'd like to get a look at the Bergie crossover, but really all I need to do is model the woofer and then either pick up a commercially available crossover or make one that matches its response well to probably just the standard Fostex bullet tweeter (hopefully I'll be able to cross over high enough to avoid that harshness they have in most cabs). Anyway, I think in spite of not having sophisticated measuring equipment that I can either build or mod a crossover that will meet the needs. Resistors, caps, coil, nothing that my calculator and my ear can't handle {said the fool ; }

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I have yet to play a Bergie. I'd like to, though. Not only the 1x12, but also the 2x12. I love the Epifani 2x12 -- it fills a joint up with booty, booty, and more booty. Especially since the music store had it connected to that Kern preamp and Peavey DPC 1400X power amp...mmmmmmmmmmmm...but, I digress.


Lotsa Bergie support on this board. I'm not surprised that you had such a positive experience, Robb.





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Yeah !!


I have liked any Epifani stuff I've played.


I love my HT112! The only thing I'd change is the price tag. I compared to the Aguilar, but liked the Berg better. Robb, shop around when the time comes (PM me also) - there is usually some room on the price.


Jim is a great guy, and fun (in an engineering sort of way) to talk to - Robb, he'd be right up your alley. I liked the 2X12 as well, but I'm looking for weight reduction. I hope to buy a second HT112, and they'll be easier to carry than a 2X12.


Read the Aguilar ad - it talks about "much arguing" before the Ag 12 was picked. That was a quote from the shootout. I think there must have been as many "staffers" that liked the Berg...


Of course, I'll be the first in line to buy Greenboy Speakers (I'm not kidding !!). Just haven't had the where-with-all to follow his plans and build them myself. Maybe some day....




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Props for the somewhat-overlooked Bergantino EX112:


I have been playing mix and match with a Bergantino HT112, EX112, and Epifani T-112. My current favorite setup for making loudness is the HT112 on top of the Epifani. The two cabs supplement each other very nicely, since IMHO the Bergantinos are a little thin in the bottom octave (even in pairs), and the Epifanis pretty fat down low (especially in pairs).


For quiet practice and rehearsals I have been using the EX112 by itself. One 1x12 cab can sound a bit thin if you are used to the way a pair of them hook up, and I find the HT112 by itself to be a little twangy with my maple/ash Skyline, unless I turn the tweeter way down. Since I don't slap or pop am finding I can get by just fine with the EX112 - like it better than a lone HT112, actually.

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been searching for better sound all my life--

i started my own bass business and in searching for THE speakers to carry and to play ( i have owned many top brands) i settled on Bergantino both for the shop and for the stage- i play thru a Bergi 322 ( 1 12 and 2 tens plus horn) and i have been very happy- Jim Bergantino is very knowledgable and helpful- he has taught me a thing or two , and im an old dog!! i highly recomment the cabs- i recomment you buy them from me even more!! :D - sorry

actually , regerdless where you get them- they are tops-- a little more expensive, but hey, man it YOUR SOUND were talking about!!-

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i'm between engineering jobs right now, which means i haven't gotten a new one yet. but in the meantime, i've been selling high end hi-fi.


i know the difference between good and bad, cheap and expensive. i used to think $500 was too much money for a whole stereo system. now i have a $500 DVD player and $2000/pair speakers.


i loved the sound of the bergantino. if it's better than the aguilar like everyone says, you bet for certain i think it's worth the money. since my perceptions about value have been, uh, realigned, i no longer think $800 is too much for a cabinet.


[that whooshing sound is retailers all over the country rushing to sell me a cabinet... :) ]



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Just to use the Epifani 115 as reference, for comparison. I know what the 115 sounds like and it is great.


I have not listen to a Bergie yet! I am not interested in the Bergie 115 just the 112. Or I am not yet interested in the Bergie 115. Just need a frame of reference. Anyone A & B these two?

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