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Ampeg B-15R - worth it?


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Hi there,


I am thinking of picking up an Ampeg B-15R Diamond Blue for studio and small gigs.


What's the consensus on price/value for this one.


It is a little on the pricey side, but sure sounds smooth...


Let me have it.





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Tough call -

They are great sounding and have more features than the original but expensive.


I see the originals for sale in the $500.00 range on a regular basis.

You then obviously need to deal with old parts repairs and speaker condition etc...


I use an old B 15 and loaded it with a 400 watt JBL - I know its a total electronic mismatch but its kills.

I have not heard a side by side comparison so I cannot comment on the sound difference between the two.

If you play bass you cannot go wrong with one of these amps in your collection of gear.



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I had an original B-15 in the 60's. I sold it, it wasn't loud enough to use with a band. I've never missed it.


The original amps have become prized as "studio amps for that warm sound". To me, they sound sort of too bassy, not enough clarity, but I guess that's what some people like in the studio. I've never used an amp in the studio, I always record direct.


I think if I wanted an amp of this size I'd prefer one of the newer Ampeg models.

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Jeremys makes a good point about volume.

If you are up against a Twin or 1/2 stack forget it - you mentioned small gigs so you should be OK.

I have used mine in a low volume band setting Drums,Gtr,Bass,keys and 2 vocals and it sounded great.



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Wait a minute. Don't these new ones go up to eleven? That's one better than ten.

"Let's raise the level of this conversation" -- Jeremy Cohen, in the Picasso Thread.


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