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What's your Christmas wish?(gear)


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The season of gifts and giving is almost at hand. Please, share what things such as gear that you would like to receive this Christmas? Not that I will give you anything, I just wanna know what your dream gear would be if you could have anything. (I will post later what I would want.)

So let the dreams and fantasy gear :love: listings fly. . .


(JDL-peace) :P

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I'd keep it simple for now. I already have two basses and a good Peavey TKO 115, but a third, and perhaps a fourth, and a fifth are in order.


Da List, Man:

- 6-string Ibanez Soundgear SR406 bass

- another one but lined fretless, and specially treated ebony board so I can use roundwounds

- 5-string acoustic-electric Martin bass guitar (I think Carvin makes one too)

- 3/4 size 5-string custom upright, or NS-5 electric upright

- 1 4x10 Hartke Transporter cab

- Hartke 3500 amp

- Boss GT6B processor

- Roland V-bass

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I suppose my list differs from a bass player being a producer.


I`m looking realistically at getting at least one of these pieces...


Distressor (Heard only great things about this and would love to have one)


Great Rivers MP NV2 (Neve pres...who wouldn`t want one)


Avalon 737 (Already have 2 of `em but they`re so damn flexible, could always use



Avalon 747 (Nice stereo compressor for the cash. Last on my list but still there.)



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I'll play. I like to dream.


--DiMarzio Ultra Jazz pick-ups in my 4-string Carvin LB-70. :thu:

--Kern IP-777 preamp :thu:

--Peavey DPC-1400X power amp :thu:

--two 4-ohm Acme Low B2s (or two 8-ohm AccuGroove Tri-112s) :thu:

--EBS BassIQ envelope filter and OctaBass octave pedal :thu:

--Enough cords and cables to hook it all together! :thu:


If Santa leaves me all of that, he can take my SWR Super Redhead with my blessings back to the North Pole with him! Maybe even if he just drops off some of that! (Although the Acmes coming down the chimney would be a whole lot easier than the Sup' Red going up!) ;):D



Fanboy? Why, yes! Nordstrand Pickups and Guitars.

Messiaen knew how to parlay the funk.

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I play mainly on one bass, the other being for backup. But, it's a great bass. And I have a great rig, and some mix-n-match pieces to leave at a practice space, and...


I'll tell you, my Xmas wish is for people who can't afford much and are really laboring under the limitations of using crap in a loud band, I hope Santa will slip them a better rig.


I just want maybe a few CDs and maybe while we are at it, get everybody who needs it some Good Taste In Music. Things would be so much better for us all ; }

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I want the bank to approve my loan so that I can get my upright out of layaway. I'll soon want the bow, a good pickup (leaning toward the realist) and a rackmounted SansAmp as a preamp.

I'll NEED a new rack, an Anvil 12-space. I'll also ask for a BBE 442 and one of those flourescent rack mounted lights, the cameleon.


And because no one will buy it all for me, I'll need a way to pay off my charge cards from these expendatures.

...think funky thoughts... :freak:
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Well, I'm lucky as I'm still a young-un. I've got parents, aunts and uncles and VERY generous grandparents. So, here's my list, I'll prolly get 1/2 of the stuff...


Carvin 2x10 cab

Ampeg Billy Sheehan Preamp

$$$ to add to my savings toward new bass

Fender Vintage Noiseless Tele Neck pickup

DiMarzio Fast Track Tele Bridge pickup

New jacket (cold carrying things to gigs and practice so it counts as gear)


BUT! Better than Christmas... GRADUATION! In May, I have my graduation party and my grandfather told me "I'm sorry but we only have $1000 set aside for you grad. We set aside $1000 for each of our four grandchildren so you can choose something and let us know" ... ... ... My jaw was on the floor... "Sorry" ??? "ONLY" ??? Wow. So, I'll prolly get an acoustic bass or something... :D Also, you always get "oodles" of money and my college is taken care of. (scholarships and parents saving for 18 years) Good time to be me. I'm SO blessed.

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Ah Wickerman, you simply need to look at Kinman Tellie pickups! His noiseless pickups smoke anybody else's! Actually the only ones I've heard that have all the best qualities of vintage p'ups. If he ever gets 5- and 6-string J pickups out the door I'll buy them without hesitation though what I have now is fantastic. He's THAT good.
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Well, I'll be lucky to get a lump of coal, but I'll tell Santa what I really want, just in case


A Lakland 4-94 Deluxe in a Cherry Sunburst

A 50's era P-bass, all original

An NS Electirc Upright

Peavey DPC-1400X

1 each Acme B2 and B2W

Zon Sonus 4-string

70's era Ampeg SVT and cabinet

and the most important thing....Jennifer Love Hewitt--she sings, so she counts :D

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I'm a dreamer too, so I'll play.


1.) A Hohner 6string bass (those things are


2.) A good solid bass wah with a cool funk

function built in

3.) A good amp, probably a GK or Peavey of some


4.) A good bass synth of some sort

5.) And anything else that I've left out that I

could use on a regular basis


Well, I'm not that great of a dreamer, as I haven't really had one in a few years

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A little more patience and grace, and the strenghth to enter our contest season with good cheer.


A nice digital camera would be gravy...maybe a Sony F707 or Canon G2 or Nikon Coolpix 4500.


In the bass world, I'm still wanting to play a Reverend Rumblefish...if I like it, it would be great to take to church on Sunday.

"Let's raise the level of this conversation" -- Jeremy Cohen, in the Picasso Thread.


Still spendin' that political capital far faster than I can earn it...stretched way out on a limb here and looking for a better interest rate.

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Well I am hoping to find this in my stocking this year,



Yeah right, I would like to finaly pick up a halfway decent upright though. I have been dropping hints like mad the past few years and mabye this year it will stick.



San Andreas,

The hope to save our nation by turning Las Vegas into a seaside community. ;)

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I'm kinda partial to these guys

Nice Stambaughs


A keyboard workstation would be nice too. I would be very happy with one of these.

Nice Triton





Famous Musical Quotes: "I would rather play Chiquita Banana and have my swimming pool than play Bach and starve" - Xavier Cugat

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It's nice to hear people that appreciate gifts.



You can use all those string sets when you go into full Seismic production.


There are things I'd like, but it never happens at the holidays. I either get clothes (which is great) or "combined" gifts (me and the wife). Although last year the kids got me "The Beatles Gear Book", which was very cool.


We need to update the song...


5 sets of string

4 10 inch cab

3 cables

2 boutique basses

and an unused 1951 P




Acoustic Color


Be practical as well as generous in your ideals. Keep your eyes on the stars and keep your feet on the ground. - Theodore Roosevelt

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Originally posted by MattC:

I really just want the insanity in the world to stop for one single, solitary day so we can all enjoy Christmas.

And you pray for this every five minutes, right? Cause I don't believe it will happen no matter how much I pray for it. Never.


Of course I wish it would stop forever, but then again, that's even more of a fat chance. I'm starting to really like the Daoist philosophy, though. It sounds really nice. Anyway, I hope it happens too, but it'd be sheer luck.

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For the band:

A decent mastering job on our newest CD

1000 pro copies of the aforementioned CD to sell

A new run of band t-shirts to sell

A working smoke machine


For our singer:

A new wireless mic

Self control


For our drummer:

A stick and heads endorsement. It looks like a wood shop behind his kit.

Taste in women.


For our bassist:

A Geddy Lee signature Jazz bass.

A pair of shoes that don't look stupid onstage.


For me:

A nice rack tuner.

A dead cat and a string to swing it with.



"To fight and conquer in all your battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists of breaking the enemy's resistance without fighting."

--Sun Tzu

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I have dreamed for what must be YEARS at this point of buying a NS Design CR-4M.




does anyone have one of these, i'd love to hear about it.

I lost some time once. It's always in the last place you look for it.
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