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Sorry to say this, but there was a thread a few months back about people's favorite features of BP. What came out is that there are many strengths to the mag. I think it's worth the 19.95.




Acoustic Color


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I subscribe. I enjoy the mag. It's worth the subscription, especially if you can score the $19.95 rate. Put it on a Xmas/Channukah/Kwanzaa/birthday/etc. wishlist (or letter to Santa -- whatever works for you!) if you want. I've given it as a gift before and it was well-received. I'm sure others would be happy to feed your habit!



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I received my first subscription to Bass Player Magazine as a gift last Christmas, and I have LOVED it. As a relatively new bass player, when I first started reading it, I didn't understand a lot of what I was reading, but as the months went on I was pleased that I was catching on!


My husband works most evenings, so I eat out by myself quite often, and I love to keep the mag in my car and take it in with me. I always circle and underline interesting tidbits, which helps me remember them.


The parts I enjoy most are:

1.) The interviews with well-know bass players

2.) "working stiffs" - which are profiles of unknown bass players

3.) The ads. The ads are the best place I can find to learn about bass-related products.

4.) There is also a section where an artist will give a short synposis on what went on during each track of his/her album


All in all, the most helpful parts are the ones that make me feel "not so alone" in all of my feelings of inadequacy as a bass player!!!!


This year I re-upped my subscription for two years.


Hope that helped! ... connie z

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I've had a subscription ever since the first issue and I read every issue several times. I remember when it was 6 issues, then 8, and then when they made it a monthly, I was so overjoyed I could hardly contain myself. I say it's more than worth it. I've learned so much from it over the years.
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EC flea,

Just in case you weren't aware of it, you might want to check out Bass Frontiers and Bassic magazines online as well. I like Bass Frontiers best in general simply because the interviews with players are on a more mature and in depth level than BP often is. Bassic, tends to be kind of skimpy, but they have a cool CD compilation that comes with each issue. You'll most likely like BP though. I've got a current two year subscription and will renew when the time comes.

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Flea on the cover 2 or 3 times a year!!!


Do correct me if I'm wrong but IIRC I've been buying Bass Player for the past 4 years and he's been in it twice.


Considering that:


a) He's been a massive reason behind people taking up the bass.


b) He's probably the most visible bassist in modern music.


c) He's damn good at what he does and is one of the best bassists in current rock music, if anyone can be considered best at any art.


d) Knows what he knows and knows what he doesn't know, talks about trying to learn jazz bass and says that you should practice and play all the time, so isn't too negative an influence on less experienced and more easily impressioned players.


e) And is in a hugely successful band which has written some great songs and demonstrated a remarkable breadth of talent across their albums and must cause Bass Player to sell a few more copies when he is on the cover.


So once every two years seems reasonable.


Now Les Claypool and all his appearances...




P.S. I love the interviews with Les too.

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