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Got to Adjust


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Hey all,


Ive been really getting into tap lately... like attempting to play classical piano pieces in tap style.


I dont really know much about adjusting my bass. Ive got a Truss adjustment, and height adjustment at the bridge.


Can any of you recommend a good "process" to go through to adjust a bass?


Ive played on some well adjusted basses before, and it feels like... well... hmmm....


well, its just felt nice.


Thats what I want. I also want an adjustment that may be more suitable to play tap style.




ps. any recommendations for a good tap piece, or for a good piano piece that can be tapped?

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A lot of people recommend really low action for tap, but I do just fine with my regular medium-high setup. It shouldn't take too much strength to get a decent tapped tone.


A good piece to start on is Bach's Prelude in C from "Well Tempered Clavier." It's all arpeggios in major C; simple, but wonderful sounding. Get yourself the piano score and try it. The fingerings should more or less suggest themselves. Just make sure to sustain the bass notes of the arpeggios, or it'll sound choppy.

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