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ebay packing


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Hi everyone. I have a question about the best way to pack and ship a bass from selling on ebay. With a hardshell case,does one still place it in a cardboard box? What about bubblewrapping the bass inside the case. Is this the best method? Where is the cheapest place to purchase a cardboard box for the size of a bass? What have you guys/girls have done yourselves?It will be going UPS ground.Thanks..
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Try this link for tips: NYC Guitar and Bass Boutique instrument shipping tips


Hopefully this will help somewhat. I haven't shipped a bass myself, so others will have to comment on where they got materials, etc.





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I've shipped and received about 20 basses in the last 18 months or so..... :) ...so I guess I have a pretty good idea about how to pack them.


With a HSC.....Some folk believe it's neccesary to completely loosen the strings..... I say keep the strings at tuned tension , keeps the neck where you want it.

Most Cases keep the bass pretty still, with little room for movement inside when shut,but I still like to wrap a small amount of bubble wrap around the headstock, then neck. I may wrap the body, depending on the bass, and how snuggly it fits in the case. Bubble wrap can be picked up at most any U-haul station, or Mailboxes Etc.


The case then goes in a Box. Preferable a Shipping box made for basses. ( I save them, and keep a few on hand )

If you don't have one (shame on you !!) you can easily make one.....get/buy some cardboard ( Staples, U-Haul , Mailboxes Etc. ) and 'make' a box , around the bass case, using some Tape and common sense.


Really simple . :)



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If you make your own boxes why pay for them? Most retail stores have tons on hand about to be broke down. I get cardboard at Wendy's or the back of KMart when I need it. Especially after seeing what a friend paid at Mailbox Etc for amterials and to have them [poorly] wrap an instrument for him ; }
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