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Sold!--for HOW MUCH?!?


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"I guess auction fever struck these two gentlemen who were bidding against each other."


Maybe. But notice that, according to the bid history, these guys were bidding a week apart. The winner put in his bid a week ago, on the auction's first day; there were no bids since; & another bidder bid up today to within $25 of the winner's maximum. This means that, apparently, two people were willing to pay at least $2,000 for this bass, which can be had at retail for nearly half that. In fact, on the first day of the auction, the winner set his max at $2,025. Isn't that odd?


I can't quite make the angle, but I've got $5 that says the "seller" is at least acquainted with the "buyer," & perhaps with the competing "bidder" as well. IMHO, this has fraud written all over it. (FWIW, the seller appears to be a dealer.)


Then again, I'm no Sam Spade. Maybe these two guys are just incredible idiots (both have 0 feedback, fwiw). Is there actually a Sterling (used, with retrofitted thumb-rest (yech)) anywhere in the universe, which two buyers would each assess at $2,000+??

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Definitely. It could be as simple as that. A re-list, & an angry negative feedback for the winner, could settle the whole thing.


Still, two guys acting that foolishly, a week apart, on the same auction? But the simplest explanation is most likely to be true, other things being equal; so you're probably right, sweet-loop.

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And, there's a Sterling on Harmony Central's classifieds (blue w/ matching headstock and black pearloid pickguard) for $850! :eek:


I much prefer the conspiracy/fraud theory to the simple possible explanation. BTW, dcr, how's the midnight oil holding out? Mine's running low, so I've had enough of plausible alternative hypotheses for one night. ;)


Peace. :)



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