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Last night I was moving 13x13x13 boxes out of the crawl space. Hey! The side of that box is wet. 


So, there was a leak. I pulled the box out of there and got everything out. Things seemed pretty isolated. How bad could it be? What was closest to the damp corrugated?


Oh, 'Pet Sounds'. 


Alright, I go through the other boxes and I find another wet box. What was closest to the damp corrugated? 'Lyle Mays'. Behold, the rules of the universe. 


The boxes are out, the leak is fixed and I am ordering new boxes for a move.  The 13x13x13 #200 served pretty well actually. There is a 48 ECT that is even heavier but pricey. If you have to store your media, don't forget to look up. On this earth we are surrounded by peril.



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