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About 12 years ago I perused the collection of vinyl in a store in downtown Denton, TX. It's a college town, and the store had an eclectic mix of graphic novels and vinyl records. It was the beginnings of the vinyl resurgence and I thought it was kinda cool. However, having just divested of my CD collection, and having migrated everything to mp3, I wasn't inspired to join in. I've run into a couple of people since then who were going vinyl, and I found it interesting and eclectic of them, but again, not for me.


More recently I watched a documentary on Miles Davis and was surprised to find that I actually liked most of his stuff. I decided I needed to expand my jazz knowledge. Two days ago I watched 'Chasing Trane' and there was a segment on a Japanese Coltrane collector who has an *insane* amount of his memorabilia, including lots of vinyl. And then the thought occurred to me that maybe I could expand my jazz repertoire and experience some good old retro music by getting a turntable.


But this brings up a lot of questions. First, which turntable? And please don't recommend things costing over $500. That's *way* outside the WAF. But something that doesn't suck and is upgradeable would be nice. Bluetooth would be cool as well. So what should I check out? (note, I'm in Mexico, but there is a decent selection on Amazon.com.mx and I'm also traveling to the States in August.)


I'm most likely to limit my vinyl collection to one milk crate's worth. We rent, and anything I buy has to go with me, so there's that. What one or two albums should I get to get a good sampling of Miles Davis and Coltrane? Also, what's new and cool that I might enjoy, especially looking for something that isn't a plain black disk...


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17 hours ago, dixonge said:

What one or two albums should I get to get a good sampling of Miles Davis and Coltrane?

That's not one, but more like two arguments, potentially. Both had different periods and signature statements from each period.


For me, the answers are 'In a Silent Way' and 'A Love Supreme'. People who are much better musicians than me have different suggestions, usually starting with 'Kind of Blue' and Coltrane's Quartet recordings.   


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