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New (old) new Toys!!!

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Baritone Tele!! I've had the parts here, some of them for a long time. The Tele body had a Warmoth Tele neck on it for decades, I played a lot of gigs with it. The Warmoth baritone neck was on a Strat thingie I put together but didn't bond with, recently I put it on this body, dialed it in and now it's super fun to play. Neck pickup is an EMG SA, bridge is an EMG 81, lowered down to balance well with the neck. A good range of tones. I've always loved the baritone sound and especially now since one of my basses (fretless) is tuned BEAD.


For the baritone, I just use the lower 5 strings of a 10-46 set and add a .56 or so for the B string. 28.5 inch scale, Warmoth designed this to be a direct bolt on for Fender guitars. It intonates accurately and provides that classic twang.


Ibanez GIO Mikro, a thrift store find. $35 or so. For a short scale guitar these are pretty nice. I've had Nashvill\e tuning on guitars off and on - it is the octave strings from a 12 string on the lower 4 strings, 10 and 13 on top. Used often in recording, you've heard it and may not have recognized it for what it is. Acoustic guitars always have intonation problems with this tuning, you can't really use the entire fretboard unless you modify the saddle slot to allow more adjustment range. The fully intonatable bridge makes spot on intonation very easy. I lowered the pickups to get a sweeter tone. I wouldn't mind a wider, fatter neck but the action is super low so I can deal. Plays in tune everywhere.


The hardest part of getting the GIO up and running was removing all the nasty stickers!!!! Krud Kutter works great and does not damage the finish. Mostly, it's peel what you can and then soften the adhesive with Krud Kutter.

Now I have Twang and Chime!!!!!!


See photos.



It took a chunk of my life to get here and I am still not sure where "here" is.
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