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I was having a conversation with my two daughters (both drummers) who were lamenting the fact that there were so few good bass players in our area that are their age that are also tolerable human beings (I mean, who IS tolerable at 14-17 years old?). Tangentially, we started looking through YouTube for entertaining bass-related content, and we found some really good ones. Your opinion on them may vary, but they are interesting nonetheless. Keep in mind that I like players that are a little over the top.


Kinga Glyk

Check out her new single "Joy Joy" (I found it a little dry but fun) and her cover of Jeff Berlin's version of "Tears in Heaven"



Watching just one of his videos will make you think he's a moron. Watching a series of them will show you he's a YouTube genius. And if you catch one of his rare videos where he lets loose, you will realize that he's got some chops.


Divinity Roxx

She does a nice Teen Town


Dean from Vulfpeck

Awesome player




"For instance" is not proof.


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Kinga Glyk is a lot of fun, that's for sure. I hadn't heard her before - thanks!


I've been checking out Davie504 for quite a while. He has a great schtick and yes, he has some serious chops. I always come away laughing.


Divinity is always good. She makes it look effortless and has a great singing voice as well.


Vulfpeck is really good technically but doesn't really do that much for me. It's more of a "Well, now we know he can do that..." kind of thing. Fast and clean but I must have missed the 'feel'.


Good stuff, bruddah! Thanks!!

Play. Just play.
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