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B.B. King May Have Had Hrt Att; Daughter Claims Elder Abuse

Caevan O’Shite

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I thought this news warranted its own thread here:


B.B. King May Have Suffered Heart Attack; Daughter Claims Elder Abuse



According to his daughter, Patty King, the 89-year-old blues guitarist was taken to a Las Vegas hospital on Thursday because he was not eating and was dehydrated. Speaking to KLAS-TV, Patty said King was taken in for observation, and tests revealed he may have had a minor heart attack.


He was released and returned home Thursday evening and is now in home hospice care...


Patty also claims Kings longtime manager, Laverne Toney, is abusing him. According to the website, Toney, who lives with King and has power of attorney over him, refused to take him to the hospital on Thursday, even though he was not eating and his urine was orange. Patty called the police, and they called in paramedics, who agreed King needed care.


TMZ says Patty and her boyfriend filed a police report last November accusing Toney of elder abuse and withholding Kings medications. The couple also claim Toney and her assistant stole between $20 and $30 million from the guitarist, as well as several Rolexes and a ring valued at $250,000. Police are investigating the charges.

Ask yourself- What Would Ren and Stimpy Do?


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I thought it already DID have it's own thread, and most of us wished him well and were upset over the news.


My wife is currently dealing with diabetes complications(peripheral neuropathy, nerve pain and numbness, etc.) so I'm somewhat familiar with what B.B. must also be going through, and at his age, and weight, must be having a much scarier time of it.


I wish and hope the best for him, and hope the "elder abuse" his manager is accused of is unfounded


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God, I hope most of this stuff is not true but we have to get used to the idea that Blues Boy will not be around much longer. He will be missed when he is gone and I wish him well.
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