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The pick daemon got me back

Michele C.

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You know me, every now and then I flip sides between round wounds and flat wounds or something like that. There are different times for different sounds, but this time it seems that my creative juices start flowing only when I am picking my instrument (not in the sense of picking a bass for the rest of your life, as in an other thread).

It is like this: I am practicing and improvising with my fingers and after a while I get to the point where I do not think I might ever make something pleasing.

I pick a few lines and I cannot stop playing, music spilling out of every pore.

I have been carefully studying the three finger technique that my teacher taught me and I can pull out some speed and dexterity out of my right hand, but somewhat a wider palette of attacks and rhythmic devices attracts me at this time.

This is what I have in my pocket now: a bronze pick, that has a lot of attack and strong basses with a metallic attack and lots of overtones, but a definite mid scoop.

Its fat brother is thick a quarter of an inch or so, has a very short attack and I can have a well definite sound in milliseconds, with a rich body of bass and some click that seems to come from a separate track.

I had such a great fun trying to go after Coltrane in Mr. P.C. This might have been expected: a plectrum sounds much clearer over a certain speed.

It has been fun: play bass and think horn.



-- Michele Costabile (http://proxybar.net)
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Things change, ah? Sorry :-) Frankly speaking I don't know where there might be space to do all the soloing that they make people practice at school. I understand that there are mostly guitarist and horn players in the class of soloing techniques.

I will restate that: thinking like a drummer is still a good thing, but when I solo I want to solo like a horn, rather than like a large guitar. Maybe, with a cranked up overdrive on fretless, like this



-- Michele Costabile (http://proxybar.net)
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