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stupid simple over drive project


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here ya go... stupid simple project if ya wanna take the plunge..




here's the schematic... you can use any old single opamp. radio shack has almost all the parts you need for this. if ya go rat shack, ya need a 741 for the chip. the pinout is the same.




here's a vero layout:




here's a pcb/perf version, with polarity protection and power supply filtering added




this is the actual unit, built point to point on the back of an ic socket (i wanted it really small so i could fit it in a hammond 1590a box... half the width of a distortion plus )






in the box... tite squeeze, had to get rather "creative"...




you can build this inside a guitar, too, if'n ya wanna...


here's a couple point-to-point layouts i used when i was working up how to put all this crud on the back of a chip socket. ... only use these as a guideline. if ya wanna mount it on a socket like i did, you'll need to be creative.




so far, this seems to be the most popular pedal i've designed now, with over 600 plays in less than 3 days. insane.


have fun. if ya need help/support/advice have picker or blues ape or craig or someone get a hold of me.




little red squares red dots in the middle are track cuts, make them with a small drill bit.


straight lines connecting things on the vero are jumpers, use the cut-off ends of resistors and caps or whatever.


when populating, start with jumpers, then resistors, then socket, then caps... easier that way.


have fun, me droogies...

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larry, that's my bud deadastro's most excellent chasm reverb project, it uses a belton brick reverb chip to get a very cool outboard reverb... sounds a lot like the old fenders. worthy project, heroic to do on perf.

i was lucky my bud mike burned me a board.


that said, off to phaser on work go i now to veroboard verily virally virilly, or something...

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