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How to play �Never Going Back Again� by Fleetwood Mac


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I just put this up. Its a tutorial on Fleetwood Macs, Never Going Back Again. IMHO its very close to the original. If youre looking to learn this one, Im pretty sure this vid will help you. Theres some very tricky picking parts in it. Ive broken it down to 7 basic patterns or figures and show how to play each one slowly.



Like all great things, the guys doing it make it look easy and this tune is no exception. Lindsey Buckinghams guitar playing in this is effortless but amazingly precise.

As always I hope you get something out of it, and I know youll enjoy playing this beautiful song!


Cheers everyone

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Yeah kyboch, your link is working good now and much more informative than the shorter version I posted...

Hey Larryz, thanks man, I appreciate that. I actually spent a long time learning it, and then a lot longer figuring out the best way to teach it. Anyways, glad you like it.

cheers bud

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