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duff beer

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I've heard people shout out "Freebird" at our shows, but I think it's mostly a joke because Freebird! is what drunks are supposed to shout out. I agree with Jeremy--a song like that really doesn't make sense in a bar setting where people are expecting to dance.


Same here. One night this drunk guy kept yelling it out all night and I figured he was just messing with us. Finally at the end of the night he comes up, hands us $100 and says "free bird!" We've never played it before, but for $100, I'm sure we can butcher it as good as anybody. The sound guy is a bassist and HAS played it before, so he's calling out chords to us through the drum monitor. We got through it an got a big standing ovation from the room....they were probably too drunk to know any better.



Acoustic/Electric stringed instruments ranging from 4 to 230 strings, hammered, picked, fingered, slapped, and plucked. Analog and Digital Electronic instruments, reeds, and throat/mouth.

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