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ID wah-wah ("Use Me", Bill Withers)


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Anyone ID the wah-wah that Bill Withers' guitarist Benorce Blackmon used? Very cool wah-wah. (Believe he was using a Gibson hollow body, too.) Great old funky tune.


"Use Me" @4:10 (Carnegie Hall):




We came here to entertain you, Leaving here we aggravate you, Don't you know it means the same to me...
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I'll assume( probably incorrectly) that since the tune was recorded in 1972, it may have been a "Cry Baby". Don't know how many other makers of this effect were around in that time.


Yeah, a great old tune, and my favorite of Withers.


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Sound to me like its a crybaby , but perhaps rolled back so it never advances to the nasal end. This is accomplished some times by changing the caps, or by changing the pot to a greater value. Some of my old Big Muffs do this with switches and knobs but I believe this recording predates them and the wah sounds less dramatic than a big muff so i say a modded crybaby(it could be some how after the preamp wich would also give it a less pronounced sound along with the consistent tone).


Just my 2cents worth



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