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Question about Submission Guidelines


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Hey comrades... new to this forum. I apologize if this has been asked. I did do a forum search which yielded no helpful results. Needing some help...


Wanted to submit to the "Real World" section of Bass Player magazine. But in both print and digital the link they offer just takes me to a random page with every link EXCEPT the submission guidelines.


Don't get me wrong... I'm not just a con-man anxious to get a free set of D'Addario strings and a tshirt. That would actually make me the saddest confidence man in the western hemisphere. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks.

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You could also try emailing Brian or another one of the editors directly - I've seen contact info at the front of the magazine. Now that I've said that, they probably get a ton of email, so a hard copy in the mail might stand out.


Love the band name by the way!

"Of all the world's bassists, I'm one of them!" - Lug
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