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Recording electric bass guitar with Sonar X1


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I was wondering if you had any suggestions or knew of any sources of information regarding the recording of electric bass guitar using Sonar X1. I currently have the Radial JDV direct box, but I find that the tone I get is not what I desire. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.





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Hello, Jeff, and welcome to the forum.


Do you like the tone of your bass coming out of your amp (as opposed to through the direct box)?


If so, then you could try miking the amp. There have been many successful recordings on which a very small amp was miked.


If you get a good sound out of your bass outside of the recording studio, you should get a good sound in the studio.


Remember that the sound of the bass soloed is not as important as how it sounds in the mix.

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Welcome Jeff.


I'll second what Jeremy said, and add that it's pretty common to record both ways and then mix the DI and mic'd recordings together.


Also - I'm not as familiar with the JDV but I noticed that it's an active box. Are you using an active or passive bass?

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