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Old strings that sound well

Michele C.

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I changed strings tonight replacing a set of Thomastick Infeld that must date back to september with a new one.

I actually changed them just to be safe, since I expect to be doing a recording in a couple of weeks, but I was not dissatisfied with the sound.

The new strings have that gorgeous richness that new strings have, overtone lush and all the rest. But the old strings sounded good even compared to the new set.

During the process I retuned on every string change and played a little bit. There is definitely a lack of highs in my old strings, but the mids and the lows are still right, with enough growl to be noticed by the conductor at last rehearsal.

Being satisfied by the sound of string months old has not happened to me before, interesting.

-- Michele Costabile (http://proxybar.net)
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Flats or Rounds?


It may not matter - I used TIs for years (in fact, I have a 'new' set of Jazz rounds in-the-box that date back to the 'old gauge').


TIs just seem to last forever, especially the Flats.


Whatever works, right?


Confirmed RoscoeHead

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I just put a set of TI flats on my Epiphone Jack Casady signature bass. They sound great (I prefer flats over rounds generally). A professional bassist I know recommended them as a top-of-the-line string, and said that I could realistically expect to keep them on my bass forever. A good thing, since at at $60 a set, they are pretty expensive.
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