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OT: Occupying Wall Street

Eric Iverson

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Before I start, I am NOT trying to start a political argument or denying any American citizen's right to peaceful protest.


On Monday, I went and visited the park occupied by the "Occupy Wall Street" protesters, just out of curiosity. I was amazed - being from the hippie era - it was like a time warp - they dress the same way, wear their hair the same, act the same - believe the same half-baked Marxist/Eastern mysticism stuff. Yes, they now have I-pads, which didn't exist in the '60s. The instrument they mostly play at camps like this is still the acoustic guitar, which I was glad to see!


No blatant drug abuse, in part, I think, because there were at least two dozen policemen surrounding the small park in question. They would have been busted right away, no doubt.


But some of their complaints are indeed legitimate.


Anyway, it will be interesting to see what comes of this.


At least the hippie movement in the '60s ended a war and produced some damn fine music......


"If all the hippies caught off all their hair

I don't care....." - Jimi Hendrix "If Six Was Nine"

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