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GK MB Fushion 500 v.s. SWR WP 700


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Ok, I am looking at getting a new amp again. I currently have a Mesa M-Pulse 600 and I like it, though it is not really the tone I am after. I really love the tone of the SWR SM1500. It has big-time punch and cuts through the mix very well! But the ONLY thing that keeps me from purchasing that head is the weight! A grand ole 67 pounds of weight plus 11 pounds for a rack and it needs fans which is another 7 pounds and a power conditioner at 10 pounds! Whew... I'm exhausted already just thinking of carrying that beast around.


So my quest for a different amp goes on... The SWR Working Pro 700 sounds fab to me though I have heard of some guys having issues with that head. I don't know myself... but has anyone here had any experience with this head?


How about the new GK Fusion 500 with all the tubes? (black)

Any experience with this head? I mean from the couple of vids I watched on YouTube, it seems to sound pretty good.


My cabs are both 8 ohm SWR GoLight's which I love. 410 & 115.


Any thoughts on this issue?


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