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OT: What's with the Epic Fail?

Winston Psmith

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I'm going to go out on a Whitefang rant here for a minute, because this came up talking with another musician friend.


A while back, Rod posted a link to some young guy hacking and slashing his way through some tunes that really didn't deserve it, and I had to wonder "Why would you post that? With the ability to go back, and edit, and maybe practice for a few weeks, why would you post your first, and probably worst effort?" It's like everyone's gone to the Ed Wood School of Cinematography - one take, that's a wrap.


It's one thing if you're on a live link, and there's nowhere to hide, or if you really don't know better, but the Epic Fail is something else. It usually starts with some Stupid Human Trick, and some degree of planning, at least enough planning for someone to be recording it, although I realize that just requires whipping out your phone, at this point. At any rate, the S.H.T. starts, and fails, resulting in personal injury and property damage, while the person recording just . . . stands there. Someone is lying on the ground, in the wreckage of a dining table, staring at their missing thumb, or a piece of skateboard that will need to be surgically removed, and the video goes on, and on, and finally winds up on Tosh.0, or something like it.


I can understand some of the entertainment value of watching other people do really stupid things - the Three Stooges were a big part of my childhood. I don't get the entertainment value of seeing myself do something really stupid, and then fail at it, so that I'd want to record it and put it out for the world to see - never mind that my wife would never let me ski off the roof into a big snowdrift. That's what I don't get about the Epic Fail - not how it happens, but why post it? Is that really the best, most revealing statement you can make at that time - "Please don't let me breed!" Ya gotta wonder.


I'll leave the Girls on Toilet Seats rant for another time.



"Monsters are real, and Ghosts are real too. They live inside us, and sometimes, they win." Stephen King





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It's the American Idol syndrome. Why, oh why, would you ever get up on national TV in front of some rock idols and producers and make a total idiot out of yourself? But for the last ten years, if you watch it, they start out with about 7 weeks of this nonsense, sprinkled in with a few people who can actually sort of carry a tune. But the real fun is watching people fail on TV - at least for the viewers. You would think someone, somewhere would have said, "Boy, you suck." But maybe not in this world where grade schools now have no losers or winners, parents never punish for sub-standard performance, kids don't get grounded anymore for a C-. Lower the standard, and the people will willingly follow. And we're always amazed at the young Asian music, math, etc. wizards in our schools? Duh, having lived in Shanghai for 18 months, I saw it first hand. These parents have no mercy. The child WILL do better than the parents. The parents can still remember when there was no food - or money - or job. Which means the children will make every attempt to be the best at something. And it produces results. We don't seem to do that anymore. Our X and Y gens are now parents. The first real generation of American parents who have never really faced genuine adversity, like Vietnam, Korea, cold war, race riots, WWII and many other hardships like no video games, reading on paper, no cell phones, actually being made to have a conversation rather than texting. A car, any car, was a veritable luxury for a teenager. When I wrecked my car at 17? I found myself back on a ten speed bicycle. Which my Dad made me pay for. And I KNEW when I sucked...All, of course, IMHO.
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Another example is what passes for comedy in movies these days. Instead of writing something funny, it has degraded to nothing but toilet humour, or storylines about grown men acting like 14-year old boys.


People should be angry that Adam Sandler is a millionaire. Seriously.

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