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Guitar Superstar 2010 Performance/Judging Videos NOW UP!

Editor Boy

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Hi all...


Check out the 10 finalist's performances and judges' comments from George Lynch, Elliot Easton, Reeves Gabrels, and Gary Hoey.


Then, let's have some evil fun and post your own critiques, rants, and raves about the performers here.


Who raged? Who sucked? What surprised you? How was the house band (led by BASS PLAYER editor Jonathan Herrera)?


Here's the link: http://www.guitarplayer.com/superstar2010




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Awesome! Thanks for posting. I can see now why Angel didn't win, although Gary Hoey's comment on themes? That seemed way off. The whole song was repetition of themes.


It was nice to hear Chris Delis play a song that was not his entry video. Great playing.


Eric Clemenzi? Four words: Mis Testiculos Esta Engorgada. I think I'll use that as my signature from now on.


Val Kostadinov had amazing tone. Cool tune.


Kevin Zugschwert was by far the fastest.......His rhythm was way off though. Nerves.


Don Alder. Man, I think it's pretty obvious why he won. Even the audience responded with amazement. A great solo performance. I have to say though, reminded me a lot of Tommy Emmanuel.


Gary hitting on Jodey Frawley. LOL.


At any rate. The Judges were great. They were so honest. Man I'd hate to stand if front of those guys but I would love their critique. You can't please everyone but they laid it on the line. We all need that once in a while.



Elliot Easton: "Mis Testiculos Esta Engorgada"
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