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OT/Spam/Cross-post: Musicplayer for Haiti:


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Now, why are we doing this, you ask, stunned? Two reasons.


1) It will attract an enormous amount of attention in the viral video market.


2) If we play our cards right, I have some connections, and this might just turn into an amazingly effective (i.e. moreso than the debacle on Friday night) fundraiser for the Red Cross disaster efforts.

And whatever personal gain you get from it...well what the heck. It's for a good cause. Right?


Well best of luck. I hope you raise a lot of money. Those folks could use it.

Push the button Frank.
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I didn't know YT was paying per view these days, Ken. Viral Video doesn't make any money. However, I had plans to set up a direct donation thing for the Red Cross Haiti effort with the vid uploads, so if it does blow up, they'll be making money (I won't).
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