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EA Micro - anyone own one or tried one?


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I have owned an EA iAmp 500 for a few years now. It isn't the new Micro - I haven't tried that model yet. For many models, the preamp design on the EA amps have been the same. The Micro is different, so I'm reluctant to comment on the sound.


My unit has had one problem - short feet. I have to use a foam pad between my cab (with top handle) and the amp. Yeah - not a serious issue.


The amp funtions well - it does what it's supposed to do. It has a 2 ohm load, and I've run it at 2.6 with no extra heat and lots of volume.


I have the foam case for the amp (Undercover). It rolled off the tailgate of my car and hit the ground (Getz was a witness). No physical damage, no internal damage.


Over the years, the (small) screws that hold the front plate vibrated loose - and I lost one. I emailed them, and they shipped me some screws for free. Very nice.


I'm not always wild about the tone, and I think that the amp is probably a bit more "jazz" oriented then "rock" oriented. Not a big issue - and as I've said, the preamp is different on the Micro. I just wouldn't expect it to sound like a GenzBenz or GK with the knobs flat.


Overall, I'm a satisfied customer.



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