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New bass; well, half anyway.


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You guys don't know how much I screwed this one up...


The neck was an SX replacement, so it should fit right in, right? No. I shaved down the pocket just enough to fit in the neck.


So before I ratchet the neck up, lets put on the tuners. I unscrew all 4 on the fretless neck, and then realize they don't fit in the new neck as the screws don't line up, and is too small for the opening. OK, ill buy new tuners.


So now lets put the neck on the body and get ready to order some new tuners. I start turning the first screw and it does not feel right. I pry out the neck and realize that the holes don't match up, but are close enough that the old ones have to be filled. OK, no problem. I can't find my wood filler, so I opt for toothpicks. Toothpicks are in and I grab the drill gun as I seem to have lost my only philipshead screwdriver in the house. I jam the neck back in, make sure its flush in there and begin to screw in the neck. Perfect, no shifting, everything is holding tight. Flip the bass over and see the two bottom screws have pushed the neck out about a quarter of an inch so its not flush against the body like the top screws. OK, lets unscrew and start over. Nope. All four screws are stripped and I can't find my bit attachment to take it out.


And here I sit.



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Thanks for a great cautionary tale.

Tools ready, holes aligned, check everything for fit first.

Words to live by.


I'm sure this was frustrating, but your writing indicates that you managed your stress. I guess you let the new neck do the fretting.



(oh - that was bad even for me)


Acoustic Color


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