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A guy was selling some PA gear to raise some money and he had a pair of old 15" EV speakers he was willing to throw in. He said he didn't know if they worked or not, he got them from his son's bass player and never had them hooked up. I contacted him and he said they were a pair of EV SROs. I asked if he'd take $35 for 'em he asked if I'd go $40, I said yeah.

Picked 'em up, did the ol' 9volt battery test, they popped, and I bought em. I got them home a little while ago, hooked them up to am amp, and they sound clean as a whistle. They are very efficient speakers, apparently; I hooked them up to a Peavey Basic 112(about 60 watts, I think) and even without a cabinet, they rattled the floor of my apartment.



I did a little research on the web, and found out they are pretty much useless below 60hz, so they won't be much use as PA subwoofers. They are designed to be bass guitar speakers. Fortunately, I'm a bass guitarist...

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