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I just installed some EMG Active splitcoils in my bass, and they sound amazing...except for one thing.


THE HUM!! They hum when I'm not playing, but when I touch the pickup it gets a whole lot louder.


btw, hai guys =3 I haven't been around in awhile. Hows everyone doing?

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EMG active pickups don't require a ground wire to the bridge or a lot of shielding as the preamp is contained in the pickup.

Are you sure these are active as in they require a battery to function? If so check your wiring and solder connections. If all appears correct then the pickups may be defective. More than likely something is miswired.

Lydian mode? The only mode I know has the words "pie ala" in front of it.


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I've just installed EMG 35J's on my Peavey Grind about 5 days ago. Had the same problem. Turned out I wired the pups incorrectly. Double check the wiring diagram that came with the EMGs, and check the ground soldering is correct in each case. ALSO, do NOT connect the bridge ground wire, the folks at EMG prominently emphasize this on the leaflet. EMG pickups don't need it. Once I did this, the Grind finally got the sound I was hoping it had from the very first day I got it (It was a long story...)

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