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Peter Green's World Keeps Turning sound

Nicolas Rivera

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A new test of the Rivera Burst with the neck pickup and magnet swap like the Peter Green/Moore Burst, I'm trying to play this beautiful solo song "Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac "World Keeps Turning" just a bit, threw a beautiful Marshall all tube amp and a 5150 original 1rst generation 4x12 cab.


Some of you have ask to take of the pickguard and i have to say that she look beautiful with out it too. I changed the volume and tone knobs to 60s style according to the original Green/Moore burst.





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Love yer shirt! :thu::cool:


So, you've switched the neck-pickup around a bit since the last time we saw your LP, huh?


Nice growling, biting, spitty, snarly, gritty tone, with just a little touch of nasally honk around the edges here and here.


Say, did Peter Green use a cranked Fender Twin Reverb on the original, or what?


I put a set of four of those "reflector"-knobs on my LP, even relic-ed one of 'em by accident in the process ;) , but it still sounded the same... ;):thu::D:cool:


Check out the gorgeous aged finish on my very good friend's old Gibson (not to mention some cool mp3 clips), shown on the left of this SoundClick 'page of his:


Teahead's Music 'Page

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