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Tapco Thump

Paul K

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Ladies and Gentlemen


I'm toying with expanding my PA gear. The guitar player has some FOH speak's that are bigger and heavier than Kong himself. I have a good enough amp, so was going to get a small board with 'verb, and the Carvin plasti-cab with the 15"er in it. Done deal, and it might even fit in my car. Then I saw the Tapco Thump TH-15A powered speaker. Easier setup and tear down, and they're designed by the Mackie Propeller Heads. Printed reviews are stellar (though they all apear to be from DJ's), but reviews on audio forums relegate it to a baby step above Behringer. But few of these negative cats appear to have ever used the product.


Anybody here with real live experience with this speaker?

The price is right, and I can get'em with not-rusty poles on evil-bay for cheap.

Things are just the way they are, and they're only going to get worse.

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I recently bought one of those, using it as an active monitor for some karaoke shows I host ( yeah... don't ask... it pays well :P) and I was actually surpriced how well this monitor sounds - doesn't weigh a whole lot ( had a passive speaker before as monitor and it weighed more) it's not cream of the crop - but it's good value for the small amount of money they cost. I'd say go for it

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If you're looking for feedback on tone quality...I doubt anybody in the audience (or possibly even band members) would notice (or care about) low-end sound equipment. Especially since that's most, if not all, of what they hear outside of touring shows.


As for reliability, it's a crapshoot with any new gear. However, the fact that it's made by a Mackie subsidiary might lend some weight to the customer service side if needed.

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