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More from Markbass at NAMM


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Still trying to find more details on the MoMark. I found some videos from Bass Gear Mag on YouTube with Peter Murry at the Markbass booth covering some of their new products for all of us who aren't cool enough to make it to SoCal to thaw long enough to enjoy all the new gear.


BTW, who put this guy in charge of promotion, etc.? He presents like a kid at Guitar Center!





New Little Mark heads (LM3, LM Tube, LM Tube 800, LM 800):



Markbass pedals:



This will give me a reason to go back to GC.

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The more I think about it, the more I don't think the MoMark will be a huge success. What I'm hoping for, though, is for it to open some doors for future products from MB as well as other companies who are jumping on the 'mini' bandwagon.


The one thing that somebody at TB mentioned that might be a very good thing to come of this is the display/selector bank at local stores. If somebody can come in, plug in, and try different modules in different combinations in one sitting, the retailer can put together a custom order for the customer...no dusty stockroom filling up with the stuff nobody wants which gets kicked around by the teenage stockboys on their breaks who have nothing better to do because they spent their minimum wages on drugs instead of lunch. Ok, so I added that last part...


Since just about every combination of modules is either currently available or in the pipeline as an integrated head, Tom Bowlus mentioned that the MB guy told him that some of the combinations actually end up being a little less expensive than their head counterparts. Go figure.

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