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OT: Web site feedback needed

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OK, be nice! I just finished my first trimester back at grad school (why I haven't been on here much in the last 6 months), one of the projects was to come up with a web site re/design. I chose to do my friends recording studio (he used to have one back in the days of pure html - a little IT humor there) as he is only on myspace for web presence. The class taught me CSS and touched on javascript so don't expect any database/php driven pages.




Note: I'm more interested in layout than in content (though any suggestions are welcome).


Finally, how do I make people want to come back or keep them on this site (tech term = stickiness), currently I have quiz of sorts on the rates page (the promo pop-up), should this be moved to the home page etc. ???


Any and all constructive feedback welcome (ie all replies like "it's crap" will be met with a response along the lines of "oh yeah, well you're fat!"




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It looks great! Nice and clean. You've gotta love style sheets!


Man, things have come along way from the days when I used to program webpages using Notepad!


The page is fine the way it is, but I can tell you that more info on the main page is always helpful. You can beef it out by adding tables with info that can be clicked on, to bring you to one of the links you have listed at the top. Almost like a preview of the page you will see once you click on it. Of course this is subjective and every designer is different, but that is a trend I see.


On the "Web Design" and "Live Sound" pages, you wrote "Contact us for details" but there is no link. You may want to make a link from there, so folks don't have to go to another page to get in touch with you.


As for "stickiness", it's not really the type of page I would assume to have a lot of return customers. It's more of a "phone book entry" webpage to help folks decide if they want to use your business and if so, how to get in touch with you. If you do want to gather return customers, you can always use information, relevant to the sight (music stuff in this case), that is updated on a regular basis. You could even look into adding an RSS feed.

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I use to do a lot of web/multimedia design before switching to more pure IT work, though I still manage a couple of large website at my IT day gig.

One of my personal pet peeves is font choice and its use in a web page.


I always try to have no more than 2...m-a-y-b-e(?) 3different fonts.

I prefer to pick a main header/title font and a body font...and then just use the Size, Bold, Italics and Underline options to change their look, rather than reaching for yet another font.

Also...don't make any fonts REAL BIG just to fill out a page...and don't make any fonts real small in order to fit more text on a page. And avoid the serif fonts when going small, as they become quite "blurry" to the eye.

Finally...don't use 10 different colors to emphasize your fonts.

Again...pick 2-3 colors...and that's it.




Otherwisethe site looks pretty good. :thu:


I have my own miroslavmusic website that I need to overhaul (it was a quick 2-3 hour job)...as soon as I finish my album project.


miroslav - miroslavmusic.com


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Thanks for the feedback Craig, I've been meaning to flesh out the home page a bit, the links idea sounds good, as well as the other comments. I am trying to purposefully not use tables, using css instead for placement.


On this course they started us out in NotePad before letting us loose on dreamweaver. Next term it's SQL and PHP..... (as well as the other courses I'm taking: it's for a degree completion course/masters).

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