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ac/dc and new cd?


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Anyone have any information on whats going on with ac/dc and their new cd?I saw in hit parader that it said the delay is due to Angus's health.Feeling good one day,and not good another,and he is not sure if he could endure a tour to support the cd.I know the entire band were chain smokers for years.

Anyone hear much on this or anything else on it?



Guitar Randy
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Uhmn, dunno if it actually clears up anything for ya, but this Summer Brian Johnson was in a little bar near where I live and he sang a song a-cappela for the folks there that he said was a yet to be titled tune for a yet to be released AC/DC album...

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i have read that officially they were not working on a CD but had enough material written to do a double album.

this was over the summer when there were a few rumours of a new disc.

i assumed from reading that they have been writing and recording on and off. i would love to hear a new CD and tour.

i hope Angus is doing OK.


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